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DMB v12 Enhancement Usage Question No. 3
« on: 3 Apr 2021 2:32:29 PM »
The Diamond Mind v12 software will be offering some additional enhancements that offer leagues additional depth for simulated play in 2021.  To gain a clearer example of what enhancements are being offered, DMBO members are encouraged review the screen found at Version 12 Enhancements – Diamond Mind Baseball (

The EC has been discussing those and are pretty much uniformly in favor of enacting the options which would add the no-pitch intentional walk and remove collisions during a play at the plate, both of which have become the “law of the land” in MLB.  Likewise, we have been of one voice in not adding qualifying restrictions for a position player’s usage as a pitcher or establishing a different minimum length of time than does MLB for stays on the Injured List (IL), or even having different IL minimums for pitchers rather than position players.

However, there are areas where the opinion gap is wide enough that it seems logical to reach out to the league as a whole for your opinions that can offer guidance as to which option to select as to the preferable direction to take regarding three particular options.

Three separate polls are being placed in the “General Discussion” section of the message board, one for each topic we are seeking guidance:  1) Should DMBO mimic MLB in requiring relief pitchers to face a minimum of three batters , or finish a half inning on the mound, before being eligible to be replaced by another pitcher?; 2) Should extra-innings begin with the batting team having a runner at second base?; and 3) Should double headers (if we have any) feature seven-inning games instead of nine?

The polls are binary, but most certainly feel free to add comments in the strand.


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