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Blue Jays block
« on: 15 May 2019 9:56:47 AM »
After a couple of pre-season sims, it turns out that the Blue Jays are, to use a technical term, not very good. So I have a few players who I'd be willing to move that could help a contender:

SP Alex Wood: 110 ERA+. FA after 2019

SS Nick Ahmed: the EX defensive rating makes the 81 OPS+ more than playable; only 3rd in 2019, so 4 years of team control.

OF Steven Souza: .247/.339/.458 projection for 2019, playable in any of the Of spots (though only rated as Fr in CF). 4 years of control left

C Austin Barnes: OBP-heavy 91 OPS+, VG D at C, also rated AV at 2B and 3B. 3 years of control left.

Looking for draft picks, comparable players, or prospects.

PM/trade desk for inquiries.

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