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Tier II Free Agency is Upon Us
« on: 16 Mar 2019 1:40:33 PM »
Monday, March 18 marks the beginning of DMBO Tier II Free Agency.   The Tier II bid desk has been activated, and teams are welcomed to submit their Monday bid at any time.  Day 1 bids will be accepted through 11:59 pm Monday.

Since not all of us are experienced in this process, I’ll include a few pointers (and ask that others chime in with advice I fail to include).

Like Tier I FA, Tier II limits DMBO GMs to bidding on one eligible player per day through the league’s online interface.  Use of the interface limits player eligibility to those players listed on the Free Agency webpage.

The highest valued bid received by any given player on Day 1 of Tier II is determined to be the leading offer for that player through a combination of annual salary being offered, length of contract, and in some cases, the player’s age.  Unless a higher valued bid is made by another team on Day 2 for the same player he will be “signed by”/awarded to the team with the highest valued Day 1 bid. 

The highest valued Day 2 bid is determined through the same factors as Day 1 bids.  Should a player receive a Day 2 bid of higher value than the leading Day 1 offer, the two affected teams enter into a “bid war” in which they privately communicate (PM and/or email) with each other raising the total contract value until one of the teams determines the cost has become prohibitive and drops out of the negotiations.  At that point, the team ceding the negotiations posts the bid war winning contract terms which become the final annual salary and length of the contract for the player.

Being in a bid war has no impact on a team’s ability to bid on another player each day.  The league requests that bid wars remain active, but no maximum amount of time exists for a final decision.  That stated, if a GM fails to actively continue in negotiations the EC may get involved in resolving the issue.

The scenario described above with Days 1 and 2 continue on until Tier 2 bids simply cease to be received.  Like Tier I, no active bidding occurs on Saturdays and Sundays, but bid war activity is rather common over the weekend.

It is merely my opinion, but the first week to 8 days of Tier 2 is one of the annual highlights of DMBO.  If a GM is lucky that timeline is a sort of controlled chaos.

Please feel free to pose questions, and I strongly encourage others to fill in whatever blanks are missing in my synopsis. 

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Re: Tier II Free Agency is Upon Us
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Favorite time of the year. Lots of luck everyone.