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Yankees' Block
« on: 28 Feb 2019 2:34:39 PM »
Starting a new topic since I want to clean up and I can't kick the interlopers out of the old one...

The Yankees have the following available:

  • SS/3B Zack Cozart or 3B Adrian Beltre. They're both solid regulars (Cozart 2.4 zWAR/600 @ 3B and probably about the same @ SS, Beltre 2.3 zWAR/600 @ 3B) but Cozart's not playing SS ahead of Lindor, Luis Urias is ready to take over at 2B and I'm not a fan of starter-caliber players rotting on the bench. Will pay some or all 2019 salary (maybe even Cozart's 2020 salary) depending on the deal.
  • C Robinson Chirinos or C Kurt Suzuki. Again, two solid regulars (Chirinos 2.3 zWAR/500, Suzuki 2 zWAR/500), don't need 'em both, espeically with Danny Jansen essentially ready as well.
  • SP Masahiro Tanaka or SP Nathan Eovaldi. Kind of silly for one of them to wind up as our #4 starter, so we'll explore moving them. Again, salary assistance available for Tanaka in the right deal.
  • Ca$$$$h, and plenty of it.

Open to including other players, picks, et cetera in the right deal.

Looking for:
  • A 2.5+ WAR LF/RF, preferably with at least average defense.
  • 120+ ERA+ relievers.
  • Upgrades elsewhere, short- or long-term.
  • Draft picks, 2019 or 2020. No such thing as too many.

Supplies are limited -- act now!