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2019 Rules Change Proposal Results
« on: 21 Feb 2019 10:21:24 PM »
This note is intended to summarize the results of DMBO 2019 official rule review and decisions for amendments by the EC.

Old Business
Prior to the 2013 Season an amendment was passed, but never made it into the codified rules.  While that’s not really all that big of a deal, the EC thought it best to get something in print to better ensure a level depth of knowledge for all GMs.  Basically, if a team releases a player with “xxx” through 6th year service that player becomes a free agent.  If another team signs that player to a free agent contract, the “service clock” continues through that contract, technically creating a situation where the free agent contract might expire before the player completes the 6th year of service time.  Should that occur, the team retains the player with the cumulative service time in place.

This has been in practice for half a decade but will now also be in print.

New Business
Following are summary statements for those amendments which passed (or didn't) and will be in effect for the 2019 Season.

Passed-This amendment is a further clarification about players eligible for the summer draft.  Nothing changes for those who qualify by being eligible for the MLB draft, but those with a professional deal with an MLB organization must have signed that contract BEFORE the MLB/DMBO drafts began.  Essentially, this establishes that players inked during the International Signing Period will not be eligible for the DMBO draft until the following year.

Passed-For ease of discussion purposes, this was separated into separate points.  However, the EC sought to clarify: a) the maximum roster size for the 2019 season (55), b) all references to roster size in the rules will only address the upcoming season, c) that monitoring of roster issues would be a continual effort by the EC, and d) a revised penalty system that would be available for use at the discretion of the EC for GMs which failed to comply with roster requirements.

Passed-The number of qualifying at bats/plate appearances or innings pitched as they pertain to free agency or draft eligibility will be uniform throughout the rules.

Passed-No additional restriction shall be imposed on the timeline to select draft picks beyond the M-F 24-hour window.  This includes that a pick may once again be traded while “on the clock”.

Passed-A tiered process to address the potential for egregious GM behavior.  This does not include a visit from Uncle Vito!

Passed-All references to the All-Star Game will be removed from the rules.  Later if someone wants to revive this exhibition game, go for it, but it has no corollary function with the competitive nature of DMBO.

Tabled-The EC was unable to arrive at a majority decision over a perceived quirk in what the league allows teams to waive/release a player over the weekend, but not make a trade due to the roster freeze.  More research is needed whether allowing both with equal ease would require significant work with the interface, the amount of labor involved for such an effort, and the extent in which the “cost” outweighs the benefit.

Tabled-The EC was unable to arrive at a majority decision regarding a reversal of an amendment from last year regarding post-season roster eligibility. 

The annual “mark-up” copy of DMBO Official Rules will be published soon. 

Please feel free to pose questions or seek clarification.
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Re: 2019 Rules Change Proposal Results
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Very good job guys, thank you and thank you for bringing back the trading of draft picks on the clock.


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Re: 2019 Rules Change Proposal Results
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Thank you to the EC members for contributing into these conversations, and a special thank you to Doug for pulling us through the quagmire and publishing the announcement.

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