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Survey: Roster Infraction/Penalities
« on: 9 Feb 2019 8:50:40 PM »
The survey question regarding potential penalties for a second roster infraction didn’t exactly provide much in the way of clear guidance.   Of the 13 GMs who cast a ballot three favored the least punitive option, while five selected the second least harsh, four the next to most strict penalty, and another five choosing the most severe option listed in the poll.  That 5-4-5 vote bracketing has caused me to “default” to the least punitive of those three

As such, this survey option lists only the same three options where most of the voting tally was found (along with the “none of the above” option) as if the penalty of a 1% deduction from the following year’s base salary for each player over the roster limit had been selected as the most probable fine for a second roster infraction.

When the EC actually weighs these results of these polls, the fact that three votes were cast in favor of the least severe penalty can be included in the resulting decision and is not necessarily "off the table" for consideration.
I’m going to limit this poll’s availability to five days.  We likely will have at least one more poll on this topic and then take some final steps to wrap up this off season’s work with the rulemaking process.