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Survey: Roster Infraction/Penalties
« on: 1 Feb 2019 8:32:41 PM »
Roster violations can occur by exceeding the overall roster size of 55 players, or by failure to comply with having a 25-man roster of eligible players.   While much of the discussion about roster infractions has dealt with the total roster, the impact of a noncompliant active roster can have a more immediate impact if a team is being depended upon to field a competitive team week in and week out.

Among the more significant impacts such noncompliance might be a team having a less competitive team playing against one of two or three teams in a pennant race, or having an extra player arguably providing an added advantage.  Potentially good for whomever that team is playing, not so much for the other(s) in the race.

Given all that as a preface, should the EC member charged with running the weekly simulation be allowed to “act as” a GM with a noncompliant roster be able to demote or promote a non-essential player to get the roster down to, or up to the required 25 players regardless of the number of infractions?
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