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Last Minute Contender Shopping
« on: 31 Jul 2018 5:42:03 PM »
If anyone that still int he race and needs some pieces, I have some that may interest you. 

James Hoyt- Simming to an ERA just over 2 striking out just over 12 per 9.  ZiPs has him at about 131 ERA+
Bryan Mitchell (1st)-  As my long guy he's about been around 3.75 ERA all season.  Is eligible as a starter (which he will be if not traded).  ZiPS has him as a 105 ERA+ for a starter and a reliever.
Brian Flynn (2nd)-  Has a starter rating and hasn't pitched that much for me with all my pitching depth.  ZiPS has him as a 105 ERA+ as well.
Shane Greene (2nd)- ZiPS has him at a 121 ERA+.  Hasn't preformed quite as well, but has the number to do so.
A.J. Ramos (5th)- ZiPS has him as at a 114 ERA+. 
Fernando Rodney (Full/ $.800K)-  Preforming very well for me and exceeding his sim stats.  ZiPS has him at a 105 ERA+
Marwin Gonzalez (4th)- Hitting above what his ZiPS say and he can play everywhere!
Brian Dozier (4th)- One of the best 2b int he game. Would be willing to deal, for the right package.   
Freddy Galvis (6th)-  Hitting NOrth of .330 for me in 236 PA's.  Has been on a tear lately and plays a AV SS
Eric Thames (4th)- Plays RF and 1b.  Has a ton of power from the left side and only in his 4th year
Matt Kemp- If any one buys his resurgence he's available.  Would eat $ in the right deal. 
Carlos Gonzalez- would pay his salary if a return is there. 

Minor Leagues or anyone else listed could be talked about.  These are the guys that would help a contender in my eyes. 

Looking to retool (as opposed to rebuild).  Just looking to acquire talent at any position expect 1b (but would consider it  ;) 
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