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Pro-rated salary question
« on: 3 Jul 2018 2:20:29 AM »
Just a quick question:

I just picked up Z. Wheeler on waivers, and his annual salary is 6.75mil. 

It said on his player page that he had roughly 3.25mil remaining, but on my financial page is shows me on the hook for the whole 6.75mil.

Can someone just clarify how this works for me?  I just want to be sure moving forward how that works.


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Re: Pro-rated salary question
« Reply #1 on: 3 Jul 2018 7:09:09 AM »
That is a very good question to ask, and one that speaks highly of the attention you pay to your franchise. 

Wheeler's salary has not changed, and remains listed at the higher amount $6.75M.  However, you are only responsible for $3.25M, since the Rays have already paid him the balance of $3.5M.

Color me impressed.