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The Emperor's New Toys (2018 Edition)
« on: 11 Jun 2018 9:58:55 AM »
The Yankees have had some stellar luck in the draft in recent years. Is this the year it all runs out?

Pick 1.09: Julio Pablo Martinez, CF, Texas Rangers (IFA -- Cuba, 2018)

Martinez was a star in the Cuban Leagues at the ripe old age of 20 before making his way off the island. He's currently shaking off rust in the DSL but expected to debut stateside later this summer. Lots of variance given the layoff and general history of Cuban imports, but the tools are there to be a strong all-around CF in the not-too-distant future.

Wanted: Nick Madrigal (1.05)

Also Considered: Travis Swaggerty (1.13), Wander Franco (1.18), Jarred Kelenic (1.19), Brusdar Graterol (1.23), Brandon Marsh (2.07)

Pick 4.12: Jeisson Rosario, CF, San Diego Padres (IFA, 2016)

Rosario has been somewhat overshadowed by the breakout of teammate Tirso Ornelas, but he's taking a step forward in his own right, showing a quality hit tool and plate discipline as an 18-year-old in full season ball with the chops to stick in CF and potentially shine there. There have been rumors of off-the-field issues (even more than the typical 18 year old) but hopefully age will bring wisdom at not too high of a cost.

Wanted: Rosario

Also Considered: Jonathan Hernandez (4.13), Cole Wilcox (4.21)

Pick 4.21: Cole Wilcox, SP, U. of Georgia (undrafted, 2018)

Wilcox was a consensus first-round talent with a price tag that was apparently even higher. After being passed over on Day 1, he declared his intention to head to college, and apparently everyone believed him. An older graduate, he'll be a draft-eligible sophomore in 2020, and could be a very early pick then if he builds on his low-90s fastball (reportedly touching 98 on occasion) and plus-flashing secondaries.

Wanted: Wilcox

Also Considered: no one

Pick 4.23: Mike Vasil, SP, U. of Virginia (undrafted, 2018)

Vasil "withdrew" from the 2018 draft by asking all 30 teams not to draft him, and they accepted his offer. Had he not, he was also viewed as a mid-first-round talent as a New England pitcher with not only the stuff but also the polish of warm-weather peers. He missed some time his senior year with an undisclosed arm injury but came back at full strength, featuring a mid-90s fastball and a curve he can actually command. He'll be draft-eligible again in 2021, so he's likely to be a year behind his HS peers who actually signed, but if he pans out he'll be worth the wait.

Wanted: Vasil
Also Considered: Kumar Rocker (5.07)

Pick 5.02: Ryan McKenna, CF, Baltimore Orioles (4th round, 2016)

A toolsy high school pick three years ago, McKenna made steady but unremarkable progress through the system until this year, where he unloaded on high-A to the tune of 377/467/556 before earning a mid-season bump to AA, where he's continued to fare decently if not at the same level. A large part of his breakout is fueled by unsustainable BABIP, but there's still real progress there and a decent chance he's a MLB regular at the end of the day.

Wanted: McKenna

Also Considered: Elehuris Montero (5.01), Rocker   

Pick 5.15: Luis Rengifo, SS, Los Angeles Angels (4th round, 2016)

Rengifo started the season as the PTBNL in the prior season's C.J. Cron trade, moving to his third organization in a year, with a season of adequate low-A production behind him. By the end of the year, there's a decent chance he'll be a major leaguer. He's walked more than he's struck out at all three of his minor league stops this year (A+, AA, AAA), he's making lots of good contact, and he's apparently a decent defensive SS as well (though he's bounced around a lot in anticipation of a utility role that he may well outgrow). It's not clear how he fits int the Yankees' ridiculous infield situation, but too many starting-quality SS is rarely a problem that doesn't solve itself...

Wanted: Rengifo

Also Considered: Trevor Stephan (5.18), Diego Castillo (5.24)

Pick 5.18: Trevor Stephan, SP, New York Yankees (3th round, 2017)

After terrorizing short-season ball in 2017 and A+ in early 2018, Stephan was one of the first 2017 draftees to reach AA, and other than a BABIP spike he's taken the promotion very much in stride. There's some reliever risk if the changeup doesn't come together, but right now it looks like he could be a solid rotation member in the not-so-distant future.

Wanted: Stephan

Also Considered: Castillo

Pick 5.30: Jose Soriano, SP, Los Angeles Angels (IFA, 2015)

And one more teenage arm to finish things off. Soriano's numbers don't jump off the page yet, but the scouting reports have been terrific, with a fastball consistently in the mid-90s (with room for more) and flashes of multiple plus secondaries. Long ways away, probably never makes it, but as Mr. Irrelevants go it's certainly plausible he'll shed that label in the near future.

Wanted: Trent Deveaux (5.27)

Also Considered: Giovany Gallegos, Nicky Lopez, various others
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Re: The Emperor's New Toys (2018 Edition)
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  • By Position: 3 @ CF, 4 @ SP, 1 @ SS
  • By Age (July 1, 2018): 3 @ 18, 1 @ 19, 2 @ 21, 2 @ 22
  • By Source: 2 2018 draft eligibles, 2 prior draft eligibles, 1 Cuban IFA, 3 typical IFA

Wish I had held onto an early enough pick to nab a catcher (Hernadez, Amaya, Contreras and Varsho were all on my wish list and Stassi should have been) but replenishing the pitching side of the ledger feels nice, even if it'll be years before I see if most of them work out.

Poll is open. Fire away!
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