Author Topic: Marlins ready to stop swimming upstream  (Read 665 times)

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Marlins ready to stop swimming upstream
« on: 23 Jan 2018 9:27:20 AM »
Ok, I know... Marlins don't swim upstream... Salmon do, but how many Fish analogies are there for having a tough road of things... probably not more than 10... So I chose this one...

In any event, after a two decade rebuild, it finally seems like teams won't be salivating to see the letters MIA on their upcoming schedule. We still aren't a dominant team, but the young Fish, are ready to start making waves (Pun intended fully)

Pitching Staff

Jose Quintana - 4.9 zWAR 186 innings 136 ERA+
German Marquez - 3.2 zWAR 167 innings 110 ERA+
Taijuan Walker - 2.2 zWAR 156 innings 103 ERA+
Michael Wacha - 2.2 zWAR  157 innings 101 ERA+
Lucas Giolitto -  2.3 zWAR 161 innings 100 ERA+
14.8 zWAR

Jose Quintana gives us a De Facto ACE, although he is not an ACE in the true sense of the word, his projection this year allows the Marlins to stack up very nicely against any other team in game 1 of a series. The rest of the staff provides quality depth.


2B - Ozzie Albies           95 OPS+    10def 3.3zWAR
CF - Odubel Herrera      103 OPS+    7def    2.9zWAR
3B - Todd Frazier          117 OPS+    4def    3.5zWAR
C   - Willson Contreras   109 OPS+   -1def  3.0zWAR
RF - Nomar Mazara       110 OPS+    -1 def  1.6zWAR
1B - Josh Bell               114 OPS+    -2 def 1.7zWAR
LF - Lewis Brinson          92 OPS+     6 def 1.6zWAR
SS - Jurickson Profar     91 OPS+      1 def  1.6zWAR

19.2 zWAR

Lineup is solid, yet unspectacular - no real easy outs, but also don't have a true thumper. Defense is sub par, especially with Schwarber in left, but overall ovensive depth should be a plus.


Keone Kela        RH   163ERA+  45.7 inn   1.3 zWAR   
Brandon Morrow RH   138ERA+ 51.7 inn    1.1 zWAR
Zach McAllister  RH   133ERA+  59.7 inn     .9 zWAR
Brad Hand         LH    129ERA+ 77 inn       1.6 zWAR
Chris Rusin        LH   126ERA+  76.5 inn    1.5 zWAR
Nick Vincent      RH   111ERA+  60.3 inn      .8 zWAR

7.2 zWAR

A strength now, quality relievers throughout entire bullpen, will look at add even more depth (quality) during Tier 2


Wellington Castillo C
Jose Martinez 1B/OF                 107OPS+ -3Def
Leury Garcia SS/2B/RF/CF/LF    89OPS+ 2 DEF

Bench will be addressed during Free Agency.

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Re: Marlins ready to stop swimming upstream
« Reply #1 on: 31 Mar 2018 4:47:50 PM »
That is a hell of a lineup. Glad I'm not in the NL East!  :o