Author Topic: 2018 Rule Change Proposals - Discussion  (Read 792 times)

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Re: 2018 Rule Change Proposals - Discussion
« Reply #90 on: 6 Dec 2017 4:45:06 PM »
Well said and agree 100 %. I have been in the lower 40 % of the salary cap since joining in 2004 and have never complained.


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Re: 2018 Rule Change Proposals - Discussion
« Reply #91 on: 6 Dec 2017 8:29:44 PM »
To my knowledge, no owner (or owners) are clamoring to annihilate the current state of the leagues finances, which include varying levels of salary caps. That is all fine. No issues with the differences at least from either member of the Pirates Front Office. Nobody has stated (Unless I missed it - entirely possible) we should throw it all away and drastically level the playing field. Not requested and IMO not desirable.

That said, we should not be doing things that exacerbate those differences. We each can have our own opinions regarding the merits or realism of Competitive Balance Picks and the T1 & T2 process.

While the one-bid-per-day aspect of T2 is a bit quirky, it does allow some bargains to slip through the cracks. The bargains can be realized by any club, large or small. While some have moaned about perceived T2 bargains, those contracts help the overall competitive balance.

In other words, you want to keep revenue differences, but you also want more gimmicks like Competitive Balance picks and expanded T2 free agency that would make revenue differences less meaningful.

And I don't get the point of that at all.

I am the complete opposite. If we want to improve competitive balance between rich and poor teams, I will go on the record as preferring that we reduce or eliminate revenue differences. That way, we don't have any reason to undermine the basic challenge of a salary league, which is to operate under financial constraints in a competitive market; we just put every team under the same basic constraints.

I find that vastly preferable to giving some teams more money than others and then "balancing" that by crippling market competition for players. That's a lose-lose situation to me.

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Re: 2018 Rule Change Proposals - Discussion
« Reply #92 on: 8 Dec 2017 5:57:08 AM »
Okay, it has been 24 quiet hours. I am calling this the cutoff point. Feel free to continue discussing things, but I will begin pulling off the topics for EC discussion. (Which will likely start this weekend.)
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