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2017 Early Outlook
« on: 8 Sep 2016 3:24:19 AM »
The Yankees stand at an awkward crossroad at the moment. The farm is stuffed to the gills with solid talent, but most of it is a year or more away from making a real impact. But, as "stuffed to the gills" suggests, there isn't a lot of room to add more, so continuing to rebuild including exercising our 13(!) picks in the upcoming draft is not remotely efficient.

The obvious move would be to start cashing in at least some of our talent and kick things into higher gear again. So let's look at the core and see how feasible that looks...

C ?
1B Cody Bellinger
2B ?
3B Joey Gallo
SS Trea Turner
LF Jake Bauers
CF Andrew Toles
RF Lonnie Chisenhall
OF Teoscar Hernandez
DH Dan Vogelbach

Not pretty. Turner is probably the only above-average guy on that list, and for the majority of the rest (I'd guess everyone except Chisenhall & Vogelbach) it would be a waste to burn a year of service time on a fungible projection.

SP Drew Smyly
SP Homer Bailey
SP Josh Hader
SP David Paulino
SP Jeff Hoffman

RP ?

Not much better. Surprisingly none of our SP prospects have actually been shuffled to the bullpen, leaving that a barren wasteland at the moment. Smyly is still decent but a far cry from an ideal #1 and everyone else but Bailey is in the "waste of service time" camp as well.

That leaves our likely shopping list at:

2B/SS/CF x2
SP x3
SU x2
MR x3?

So if anyone has all of those available, please let me know...  ::)