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TA: Romo to SF
« on: 21 Dec 2015 10:49:01 AM »
Pirates get: CF Abraham Almonte (xxx, $0.507)
Giants get: RP Sergio Romo (2016, $7.230M)

Why the Pirates do this deal: Romo is a FA after the season, so the Pirates were trying to get some value rather than lose him to FA. The Pirates also had a hole in CF, and Almonte should fill that hole capably in 2015. Almonte is already 27, so there's probably not much more upside left, but what he is now has value: he'll probably put up a 95 OPS+ or so. Almonte earned a VG rating in CF in 2014, albeit with a very high error rating, but the advanced defensive metrics didn't like his defense as much in 2015. If he holds on to the VG rating in CF, he's a very good option in CF; even with an AV rating he's still a decent option.

Why the Giants do this deal: Sergio Romo is a nice addition to any team's bullpen. While he struggled in 2014, he bounced back with a very strong 2015, and should project to an ERA+ of around 120 or so in 2016. The Giantd have a number of much more high-ceiling CF prospects in the minors than Almonte, so they were dealing from a strength to address a weakness.

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