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Free Agency comment thread
« Reply #45 on: 17 Feb 2006 1:19:05 PM »
Quote from: "sabers35"
I agree on's obvious that I really wanted him too.  Because I didn't have the payroll room to go as high as you guys, I went with more years than I'm comfortable with. wasn't enough.  Oh well...I may be happy I didn't get him if he retires in 6 years.

You're probably better off without having him locked up through 2013.  We've only had 3 pitchers recieve 8 year contracts in our league - Danny Graves, Kerry Wood, and Billy Wagner.  Of those 3, I'd categorize Graves as a disaster, with the jury being out on the other two.  (I probalby wouldn't want Wood for the next 6 years at $14.1 million per, but he could still end up being worth it.)

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Free Agency comment thread
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I felt that Halladay was the best pitcher on the Market this season as well. I made a token bid... but it was rightfully smashed....

Oh to be a big market team...

And I cringe to hear the rumors of them moving from Miami to Roanoke, Virginia..

What will that do to my revenues ? I'd imagine it would halve them.
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Free Agency comment thread
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Could they (or rather, you) be in any worse shape in Virginia than in Miami, where they were 15th out of 16th NL teams in attendence?  (1.85 million.)  Maybe.

They've also visited Portland and Oklahoma City, I believe.

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Free Agency comment thread
« Reply #48 on: 19 Feb 2006 11:28:20 PM »
and San Antonio...but I believe that to be a longshot at best.


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Free Agency comment thread
« Reply #49 on: 21 Feb 2006 9:14:37 AM »
Here's a reminder of minimum bids.

1 year -   632K
2 years -       790K
3 years -       948K
4 years -   1.264M
5 years -   1.580M

Note that an option counts as a year in regards to minimum dollars offered.  In other words, a 1 year offer with an option for a 2nd year must have a minimum value of $790,000 per year, not $632,000.