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The Emperor's New Toys (2015 Edition)
« on: 13 Jul 2015 4:19:04 PM »
tl;dr: I should just skip the first round, as I seem to get much better value later in the draft. So what do I do with the 4 #1s I have in next year's draft?

Pick 1.06: Dillon Tate, RHP, UC - Santa Barbara

With a whole truckload of picks, we decided to spend one to move up for one of the premium guys available. Tate has a TOR repertoire, though he'll have to demonstrate the endurance to handle a 5 day rotation for 6 months (assuming anyone's still doing that in 5 years). Probably an overpay given the guys still available with the picks we traded away, but still my favorite arm in the draft.

Wanted: no one who was going to slide this far
Also Considered: Reynaldo Lopez

Pick 1.18: Brent Honeywell, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays

This clearly would have been Brent Phillips if I'd had any clue he were available. As it stands, Honeywell has another solid starter's arsenal -- he's probably best-known for throwing a screwball, but that's actually the least-used pitch in his repertoire these days. He's been hit pretty hard since being bumped to High-A but I'm still optimistic.

Wanted: Reynaldo Lopez, Willy Adames
Also Considered: Gilbert Lara, Wilmer Difo

Pick 2.11: Ryan Cordell, CF/3B/SS, Texas Rangers

Cordell was a toolsy non-performer in college, but has hit much better since entering pro ball. He's also moved up the defensive spectrum, spending much of April this year at SS and much of June at 3B. CF still looks like his long-term defensive home, but a bit of flexibility never hurts for roster purposes. It remains to be seen if he can put up decent power numbers outside the extreme hitter-friendly environments where he's spent most of his pro career.

Wanted: Gilbert Lara
Also Considered: Jon Harris, Jacob Nottingham

Pick 2.20: Jacob Nottingham, C/1B, Houston Astros

I'm a sucker for bat-first C in DMB, and Nottingham looks like he could fit the bill, as he's done nothing but mash in 2015, earning a mention in Sickels' Midseason Top 75. Even though he's only 20 and in low-A, he could be starting for the Yankees in 2017 if all goes well.

Wanted: Nottingham
Also Considered: Ruddy Giron

Pick 3.09: Cody Bellinger, 1B/CF, Los Angeles Dodgers

Bellinger came into the season with a reputation for being a pure hitter with questionable pop. You'd never guess that from his stat line, as he's posted a .240 ISO (in the California League, but not in one of the extreme hitter havens) and a strikeout rate over 30%. An excellent defensive 1B, he's also seen a lot of time at CF this year, giving him a potentially significant boost in defensive value or at least flexibility. He'll need to find a way to merge his hit and power approaches as he matures, but there's time for that as he just turned 20 today -- happy birthday, Cody!

Wanted: Bellinger (traded up to get him)
Also Considered: Anderson Espinoza, Mike Matuella

Pick 3.18: Michael Reed, OF, Milwaukee Brewers

With a whole lot of upside plays -- and after just missing two more in Espinoza and Matuella -- the Yankees finally took a "safe" pick in Reed, who was finally developing some pop to go along with his solid bat-to-ball skills. Unfortunately, "was" is the key word there, as he's been in freefall since the beginning of June, hitting .195 with only 6 XBH over that span. There's still a shot at a useful OF in there, but a lot of helium has been let out of this balloon over the past few months.

Wanted: Matuella, Espinoza
Also Considered: Carlos Tocci

Pick 4.29: Francis Martes, RHP, Houston Astros

Martes, the least-known piece of the Jarred-Cosart-to-the-Marlins trade, was hitting the upper 90s in spring training this year and has been destroying low-A ball at 19 since the season started. Like every teenage pitcher not named Julio Urias, his secondaries will need continued development, but there's a lot to like about this one.

Wanted: Martes (traded up to get him)
Also Considered: Rookie Davis

Pick 5.12: Ke'Bryan Hayes, 3B, Texas HS

I had no intention of taking another amateur in this draft given the impeding roster crunch of doom, but Hayes was too high on my list to pass up. He doesn't have much power right now and it's unclear if he'll ever develop a lot, but he brings solid hitting skills and defense at the hot corner to the table.

Wanted: Hayes (traded up yet again to get him)
Also Considered: nobody

Pick 5.23: Dylan Cease, RHP, Chicago Cubs

And then we went way off script, but the appeal of completing the set of high-upside 2014 draftees who blew out their elbow prior to draft day was irresistible. More to the point, Cease, who likely would have been an early first round pick in 2014 if he had been healthy, is demonstrating that his stuff is back and possibly a bit more, flirting with triple digits in a few appearances as he mows down rookie ball hitters. It's a long road to the majors from there, but he has as much upside as arguably anyone in this draft. Besides, we're the Yankees -- can't we just buy a few extra roster spots? No? Boo!

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Re: The Emperor's New Toys (2015 Edition)
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jul 2015 11:53:58 AM »
I voted for Dylan Cease.  He may not be the best pick overall but at the spot in the draft where he was selected, he is an excellent addition.