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2015 Free Agency
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The Arizona Diamondbacks entered the 2015 Free agency period with appx $45 M dollars and no obvious needs. An upgrade at LF was a consideration but I did feel that Alex Gordon would be worth the 5 years at $15 M he would probably command. Craig Kimbrel's LTC offer came in around $17 M per year which would have made him the highest paid closer in the history of baseball. Any monies over $10 M left in my account would have been lost. Even though I had Kimbrel as my closer, Cody Allen for the 8th inning, Andrew Miller for the 7th inning and Ryan Cook, Vinnie Pestano  and Jean Machi backing them up, I decided to target Koji Uehara in Tier 1 and to red shirt Cody Allen before he becomes my closer.

                                                                    TIER 1
For the previously mentioned reasons I targeted Koji Uehara. My initial bid was to be $17 M for a 1 year contract. By the end of the day I had talked myself into the final 1 year $25.3 M dollar bid, which was a gross miscalculation. That being said, I got one of the best relievers in baseball and will have his entire salary at my disposal next year.

                                                                    TIER 2
As my rankings in the Adelman minor league ratings continue to fall, I decided to bid on some prospects. On Monday I bid on Aledmys Diaz, a SS in the St. Louis organization. He is 25 years of age and from Cuba. He started his first season in the States in AA and was batting in the 300 area when he was injured. He returned to AA after the injury and his average dropped to 280 when he was injured again. He was sent to the Cardinals high A team for the remainder of the season to continue his rehab. Baseball America ranked him 11th in their prospect rankings. During the chat session they stated that injury concerns kept him out of the top 10, that he is considered their # 1 SS prospect and is expected to be able to stay at SS. In the prospect handbook they stated that making the majors in 2015 is not out of the question. The best part is I will control Adelmys for at least 6 years.

On Tuesday I bid on Dian Toscano but was outbid by the Orioles.

On Wednesday I bid on Tom Koehler. Tom is another player who will be controlled for 6 years. My four top starters from 2015 (Shields, Ryu, Richards and Despaigne) are under my control for 2016 but I will need a 5th starter. In 2014 Tom was a regular in the Marlins rotation with an ERA of 4.2. In 2014 he made 32 starts with an ERA of 3.8. My hope is that he can duplicate his 2014 season in 2015 and be a viable option for the 5th starter position.

On Thursday I bid on Sean Rodriguez. The one problem at the time of the bid was that the Pirates projections had not been released. On the 2014 game, Sean was rated VG at 1B, 2B and AVG at SS, 3B, LF and RF. During the 2014 season, he averaged a HR every 21 at bats. My three positions where I might need a late inning defensive replacement are 1B, 2B and LF so this bid made a lot of sense to me. I signed Sean to a 1 year contract with an option for 2016. When the ZIPS were released, Sean was a -3 at 2B and projected for a home run every 50 at bats. I am not sure how valuable Sean will be for me this year.

When I was preparing my draft list I noticed a couple of good relievers even though that was not a position of need. For my Friday bid I bid on Dale Thayer. His previous seasons in San Diego had ERA's below 3.00. His projection for 2015 was a very respectable 3.37. I bid slightly over $2 M on a 1 year contract with an option year. Because of the extended time period over the weekend I expected someone to counter bid by guaranteeing the 2nd year at a lesser salary. I was pleasantly surprised when that did not happen. I now have the option of red shirting two of Ryan Cook, Vinnie Pestano, Sean Machi and Blake Parker.

On Monday I bid on Cesar Ramos. His projected ERA is 4.22 and he qualifies as both a SP and a RP. He is a low risk signing and will be under my control for 6 years.

Overall I am happy with my free agency signings as I did not incur any long term obligations. Another positive thought is that 46 players out of the 50 on my roster are under my control for 2016.