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Orioles Draft Review
« on: 24 Jun 2014 4:02:07 PM »
Went into the draft with 4 picks (1.03, 1.05, 2.06, 2.11), then decided there were too many guys I still liked and traded to acquire 4 more picks.

Pick 1.03: Alex Jackson, OF, Rancho Bernardo HS
This was the guy I was on from the get go here.  I would have taken Aiken if I fell but never rexpected it to happen.  Thought about Kolek but nothing I read or saw persuaded me to take him over Jackson.

Wanted: Alex Jackson
Also Considered: Tyler Kolek

Pick 1.05: Raimel Tapia, OF, Colorado Rockies Org.
Again this was the main target here.  I am hoping a few years from now he and Jackson will fill my corner OF and have a nice run there together.  I thought about pitching here, but my hitting was behind my pitching on my reserves and there wasn't a pitcher I wanted more than Tapia

Wanted: Raimel Tapia
Also considered: Alex Reyes, Nick Gordon

Pick 2.06: Sean Newcomb, SP, Hartford University
Got my second choice here.  Watched some video and read up on him and loved what I saw.  Came time for the pick and I wavered a little between him, Elias, Reid-Foley, Luis Ortiz but stuck with Newcomb.

Wanted: Rafael Devers
Also considered: Sean Reid-Foley, Roenis Elias, Luis Ortiz

Pick 2.11: Sean Reid-Foley, SP, Sandalwood HS
Considered him at pick 2.06 but decided to stick with main target Newcomb.  Worked out great, getting both of them. 

Wanted: Sean Reid-Foley
Also considered: Gabriel Guerrero, Luis Ortiz, Forrest Wall

Pick 4.25: Miguel Castro, SP, Toronto Blue Jays Organization
Traded 1st rd pick in 2015 for this pick as well as 5.11 and a 3rd in 2015.  Loved when I read up on him.  Also helped that he had a great 1st start this season.  If Jimenez had not gone right before this pick it would have been very tough to decide.

Wanted: Miguel  Castro
Also considered: Abiatal Avelino, Justus Sheffield

Pick 5.11: Chase Vallot, C, St. Thomas More's HS
Traded 1st rd pick in 2015 for this pick as well as 4.25 and a 3rd in 2015.  Was looking for an upside pick here.  I had three targets.  I was trying to trade for more picks at this time to see how many of them I could get.  Ended up being only one.  Hoping Vallot sticks at C.

Wanted: Vallot
Also considered: Wendell Rijo, Keury Mella

Pick 5.25: Marten Gasparini, SS, KC Royals Organization
 Traded AZ's 2015 pick for this one.  Liked what I read on him.  He is young and a long ways away but it sounds like he has a chance to stick at SS.

Wanted: Gasparini
Also considered: Scott Blewett

Pick 5.27:  Scott Blewett, SP, Baldwinsville HS
Traded Jenrry Mejia for this pick.  I had cooled on Mejia so was willing to move him.  Blewett has size and I liked the video and read on him.

Wanted: Scott Blewett
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Re: Orioles Draft Review
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jun 2014 4:38:59 PM »
Alex Jackson was, I think, the right pick for 1.03.  Even if he's a right fielder, that bat looks very special.

Tapia at 1.05 is one I go back and forth on.  I know Jason Parks loves him and all, but I'm just having trouble imagining him as a clear Top 100 guy next year and that isn't what you spend 1.05 on.  And yet Tapia's upside might be unrivaled among the hitters in this draft class so it's hard to criticize the pick either.

Newcomb at 2.06 was fantastic.  If not for you sweeping in and stealing Miguel Cairo from the rest of us, I'd call this pick the steal of your draft.  Great, great job.  It's probably lucky for you that I overdrafted Devers. :P

Reid-Foley is another very good pick at 2.11, and I don't see a huge difference between him and some of the late 1st round picks.

There's the Castro pick.  Damn you.

Chase Vallot's bat looks awfully intriguing.  I think he went right around where he should have gone.

Gasparini and Blewett are lottery picks, and there's nothing wrong with either of them or with fifty other guys that ended up going undrafted.

*  *  *

All in all I'd say that it was obviously an impact draft and possibly a high-value one as well.  A lot depends on Tapia, but overall I'm impressed with the talent you brought in considering where you were picking.

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Re: Orioles Draft Review
« Reply #2 on: 24 Jun 2014 5:35:36 PM »
It's easy to look at a draft and say, 'man, I'd really like to have those prospects'...but man, I'd really like to have those prospects.

I thought the Newcomb pick was your best of the draft, and I probably would have taken Kolek over Jackson and Rijo over Vallot, but otherwise, I'd have been happy if this was the draft for the Royals!
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