Author Topic: YOUR 2014 San Diego Padres. Our new motto: Not Such Pushovers Anymore  (Read 810 times)

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After two years of rebuilding and *ahem* unfortunate winning percentages, the 2014 San Diego Padres are shaping up to maybe surprise a few people. Let's just say that other teams won't be able to look at their schedules and automatically assume a series sweep. We're young, hungry, and ready to play some poor defense (except our outfield. Dont hit a fly ball into our outfield). Here's how we are shaping up:

Gerrit Cole - Projected WAR: 2 ish  ERA+: 110
Andrew Cashner - Projected WAR: 2 ERA+: 109
Ivan Nova - Projected WAR: 2.7 ERA+: 105
AJ Burnett - RL WAR: 1.7 ERA+: 107
Bud Norris- Projected WAR 2.2  ERA+: 97

Position Players:
C: Travis D'Arnaud OPS+: 95     Def: -1     zWAR: 1.6
1B Kendrys Morales - OPS+: 111     Def: 0     zWar: 1.4
2B: Kelly Johnson - OPS+: 94     Def: -3     zWar: 1.5
SS: Jurickson Profar - Unrated yet
3B: Mikael Franco: OPS+: 102     Def: -1     zWAR: 2.4
LF: Brett Gardner -  OPS+: 97     Def: 3     zWar: 2.3
CF: Juan Lagares - OPS+: 82     Def: 10     zWar: 2
RF: George Springer - Unrated yet

Not bad for a team with a tiny payroll. Russel Addison and Michael Choice are waiting their turn for the call up. Watch out NL West. Your little brother just started lifting weights.


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What's really ridiculous is that there's an entirely separate wave of really good prospects coming up behind all those guys.  Not Fair.