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Week 25
« on: 17 Sep 2005 10:24:39 PM »
DMBO Season 4, Week 25

American League East

Both the Blue Jays and the Orioles had a relatively easy schedule in week 25, but the Blue Jays were the team that took advantage of the situation.  Toronto went 6-1 against the Mariners and the Yankees on the week, allowing an AL low 16 runs in the process.  Meanwhile, the Orioles struggled to a 3-4 mark against the Yankees and the Red Sox, being outscored by 6 runs on the week.  The end result was a 4.5 game lead for the 1st place Blue Jays who suddenly find themselves with a magic number of 3 to clinch the East.

Blue Jays      93-62
Orioles         89-67   (4.5)
Devil Rays      74-82   (19.5)
Yankees      69-87   (24.5)
Red Sox      60-95   (33)

American League Central

The Twins traveled to Oakland for a potential ALCS preview this week.  When the dust cleared, the Twins were found licking their wounds, having been swept and outscored 35 to 10 over three games.  The Twins did rebound on the week, going 3-4 overall, but find themselves on the outside looking in when it comes to the #1 seed in the AL.  The Cleveland Indians had the best week in the division, going 4-3 against the White Sox and the Royals.  Cleveland and Chicago are the only two non-playoff teams in the AL that still have a shot at finishing the year at .500 or better.

Twins      100-55
Indians      78-78      (22.5)
White Sox   76-79      (24)
Royals      70-85      (30)
Tigers      65-90      (35)

American League West

After smoking the Twins, the As appeared to have taken the weekend off against the Rangers, getting swept over a 3 game set.  Oakland has a 3 game lead over Minnesota for the #1 seed in the playoffs, with a 6-4 record head to head.  That puts the magic number for the As at 4 for the top seed.

Athletics      103-52
Rangers      73-83      (30.5)
Angels         70-85      (33)
Mariners      65-91      (38.5)

American League Wild Card

The Baltimore Orioles clinched the wild card this week.  

American League Playoff Picture

If the playoffs started today:

Orioles at Athletics
Blue Jays at Twins

American League Player of the Week

Miguel Tejada, Shortstop, Baltimore Orioles

Tejada led the AL with a .567 OBP, 14 hits, and 9 runs scored.  He was also among the league leaders with a .519 average (2nd), .889 SLG (2nd), 4 doubles (4th), and 6 extra base hits (2nd).

National League East

It was a tough race, but the Mets have come out on top.  New York put together a 5-1 week against the rival Marlins and Nationals this week, eliminating both teams from the playoff picture.  Meanwhile, the Phillies were eliminating themselves, going 1-5 against the Braves and the Reds.  The end result was the Mets popping the Champaign, repeating as the NL East champions.

Mets      82-73
Phillies   75-81   (7.5)
Marlins   74-82   (8.5)
Nationals   72-84   (10.5)
Braves      57-99   (25.5)

National League Central

The Cardinals continued their winning ways this week, going 6-0 to clinch both the division and the #1 seed in the NL playoffs.  This was the 4th year in a row that St. Louis has won the NL Central.

Cardinals   108-49
Pirates      93-63      (14.5)
Brewers   87-68      (20)
Astros      87-69      (20.5)
Cubs      74-82      (33.5)
Reds      69-86      (38)

National League West

The Dodgers finished the week on a bit of a bright note, taking 2 out of 3 from likely 1st round playoff opponent Pittsburgh.  It was, however, a very tight series, with both teams scoring 11 runs over the weekend.  The top team in the division on the week was San Diego, going 5-2 to put their season record over the .500 mark.  Due to tie breaker, Colorado clinched the #1 pick in the 2006 draft this week.

Dodgers      100-55
Padres         78-77      (22)
Giants         73-82      (27)
Diamondbacks      69-87      (31.5)
Rockies      50-105      (50)

National League Wild Card

The Brewers and the Astros have not been mathematically eliminated, but the writing is on the wall.  Pittsburgh only went 4-3 on the week, being outscored by 1 run.  But that was much better than the other teams in the race, who combined to go 4-9, reducing the Pirates magic number to 3.  The last weekend of the season features a series between the Pirates and the Brewers, but the Brewers are going to need a lot of help for that one to mean anything to them.

Pirates      93-63
Brewers   87-68   (5.5)
Astros      87-69   (6)

National League Playoff Picture

If the playoffs started today:

Mets at Cardinals
Pirates at Dodgers

National League Player of the Week

Miguel Cabrera, Left Fielder, Florida Marlins

Cabrera led the league with 5 home runs this week.  He was also among the league leaders with a .458 average (9th), .519 OBP (9th), 1.125 SLG (2nd), 11 hits (5th), and 7 runs scored (4th).

Blue Jays SH

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Week 25
« Reply #1 on: 18 Sep 2005 10:39:26 PM »
Phew. Some breathing room, finally. But I'll count out the Orioles when they're mathematically eliminated.

5 game winning streak to end the week, including 2 straight shutouts against the Yankees. Sorry, Tyler - as much as Tracy owns the Jays, it looks like I own the Yankees.

Oakland or Minnesota. Ouch. No real "good" scenario either way there.

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Yanks GM

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Week 25
« Reply #2 on: 19 Sep 2005 7:49:14 AM »
Ehh oh well got like 1/2 my starting offense on the DL anyway don't score alot of runs when they starting not going to score any when they not playing at all.

Orioles TK

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Week 25
« Reply #3 on: 19 Sep 2005 7:55:52 AM »
terrible week for the O's.  Seems like I'm misfiring at the wrong time of the season.  Splitting w/ the Yanks and losing 2 of 3 to the Red Sox was not what I expected at all this week.

Very dissapointing.  


I'll still see if I can make a run at you this week but I'm more interested in resting my guys for the playoffs.  Last time I went to Oakland 2 years ago it wasn't pretty, hopefully I can fair better this season.

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