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OK, I had to post about this, even though no one else will likely notice it. 

I think Babe Ruth may have had the most awesome season in the history of RBOT, since John was willing to do what no one had before - use Babe Ruth in his rotation, and in the field during his non-pitching days.

Ruth managed to play in all 162 games on the year.  With the bat;

.316/.430/.718 with 27 doubles, 11 triples, 59 HR, 119 runs, 129 RBI.

On the mound;

16-10, 3.95 ERA, 230 innings pitched, 10 complete games, 20 quality starts.

And, of course, he put up those numbers playing against the greatest players of all time.

I had Babe Ruth in our 3rd season, but was too chicken to play Ruth as a starting pitcher.  I didn't like the increased injury possibility with him pitching, combined with the fact that the computer manager isn't smart enough to hit him something other than 9th as a pitcher, nor double switch him into the field when he had to be pulled from the mound.  So hats off to John for doing it so we could be reminded just how awesome Babe Ruth really was.