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Marlins 2012 Review and 2013 Outlook
« on: 5 Oct 2012 9:52:14 PM »
The Marlins had high hopes for the 2012 Season and mortgaged quite a bit of their future to be competetive. The Florida Marlins finished 2012 with a very respectable 84-78 record. On the surface, for a team with Florida's limited financial resources, it appears to have been a second consecutive  successful year for a team that has struggled for it's entire 10 year existence in DMBO. 

Of the 16 National League teams, the Marlins won the season series in 13 of them, and was able to play close to .500 ball with 4 or the 5 teams in the NL Playoffs. Then, comes the heartache. The Washington Nationals, proud, deserving winners of the NL East won a STAGGERING 16 of 18 from the Florida Marlins....had the Marlins been able to even play just .500 ball with them, the Florida Marlins would be NL East Champions this year. It was an almost surreal experience seeing loss after loss to the Nationals each time that the two got together. (It wasn't even until the Marlins decided to cut their losses and have a fire sale that the Marlings got their first wins over the Nats in very late August)

The Marlins spent on Free Agents and Player aquistions during the 2011-12 Offseason, and during the season with Mixed Results.

Free Agent Health Bell started 2012 as a major disaster, but improved greatly over the second half to post 32 saves and get his ERA down from over 6 runs a game to just over 4. He imploded in Real Life, so the Marlins expect Bell to be a huge albatross for the next few years.

Free Agent Nick Markakis had a very good year, finishing 4th in the National League in Batting, and looks to improve on that after a rebound Real Life 2012 season.

The Marlins Aquired 2B Chase Utley during their competetive earlier season, and he still showed value in Real Life in 2012 after coming back from Knee surgery, so the Marlins have high hopes for him being productive in 2013 for them.

One of the "Under the Radar Moves" was the Marlins aquiring RP Luke Gregerson to help the struggeling bullpen. Gregerson was so-so for Florida in 2012, however has developed into one of the better relievers in MLB this past season as he was outstanding. Gregerson is now a candidate to be at the back end of the Marlins bullpen, and has a full 3 years of service time left.

The Marlins will probably be about 25 Million under the cap, but have quite a few roster spots to fill in 2013, so the spending that we saw in 2012 will not be duplicated. The Marlins are attempting to rebuild a Minor League system that has developed a ton of talent on the big league squad right now.

The 2013 Marlins will be a younger team than the 2012 version, but still should be able to be a decent product on the field.

Gio Gonzalez, after years of being snubbed by ZIPS for some reason, developed into a true #1 ACE in Washington, and should be at the top of their rotation.

Salvador Perez should be one of the best WAR options at ANY postion in 2013 as his offense continued to be good (with even more power than expected) and his defensive prowess began to rival that of Yadier Molina. He will only be a 2nd year player for Florida, and should be a mainstay for years to come.

Dexter Fowler enjoyed a breakout season at the plate, and should be a solid contributor as the everyday CF.

I'll also be interested to see the progress of Brandon McCarthy, whose scary RL injury, has the Marlins ownership sweating after handing out a large contract to him this offseason. When he was healthy, he was an excellent starting pitcher.

So the Marlins have some work to do, but don't expect to go away quietly in 2013. With some luck, (Something that they have yet to find) - They can continue their winning ways... and hopefully they won't play .111 ball against their biggest rivals.
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