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Pimp Your All Star
« on: 5 Jul 2005 4:57:51 PM »
I should have done this before, but oh well it's not too late, we should have a Pimp your all star thread. Each team should post on here who they think from their team should be considered for the all star game, most of the votes are in, I'm sure, but this will at least stimulate some activity on these boards.

For the Devil Rays. even though we are floundering under .500 we do have some solid contributors.

At third base is perenial all star candidate,
Scott Rolen, 304avg .382obp .529 slg, .911ops. 44runs, 55 rbis, with 16 doubles, 5 triples and 12 homeruns. I'm assuming of course that he is playing gold glove level defense.

Other longshot player candidate is Jason Kendall, after a slow start to the year he has started to heat up. A catcher posting an ops around .750 is always a good thing.
.302 .374 .373 .747....I'm pretty sure he falls short as his arm hasn't been good and there are a couple of good catchers in the league.

This is the no brainer, suffers from the same problem that Matt Morris did in the real all star game, and that is he wasn't a starting pitcher at the beginning of the season, I bring to you Rune...Hernandez.
third in the league in era, posting
3.09 9w, 2l.

and last but not least, the closer extraordinaire, Marian Rivera. with a paltry 1.17 era, 2nd in the league in saves with 17 and he even got a three inning win the other night. He's no one inning pitcher having 46 innings in 38 games, has to be considered still one of the most dominant relievers in the game.

ok, now everybody startapimping.

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Pimp Your All Star
« Reply #1 on: 5 Jul 2005 5:20:58 PM »
You know, for a team currently holding down a playoff spot, the Jays don't really have many guys that jump out at you as all-stars (probably because I've got something like 24-gazillion platoons in place, which means that hardly anybody players everyday).

Orlando Hudson is playing gold-glove calibre defense at 2 and hitting .331/.392/.529, but he's only got ~290 PAs.

Bobby Abreu is a legit all-star: .315/.432/.517 in ~390 PAs.

Cameron is playing excellent D in CF with a line of .242/.338/.477 and 22 HR.

Bill Mueller is having himself a good year: .287/.394/.487 in ~400 PAs at 3B.

I've got a bunch of other guys with nice rate stats (Rivera: .344/.418/.559; Bozied: .296/.352/.694; Leone: .284/.364/.670), but they've only got ~100 PAs each.

No-one is really standing out on the pitching staff either. No-one has been terrible, but no-one has been awesome either.

Most of the Blue Jays are ghoing to end up watching the A's and O's populate the all-star roster, I think.

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