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Brewers 2012 Lineup and Outlook
« on: 11 Jan 2012 3:50:46 PM »
2012 Lineup
Rotation (w/ ERA+ or Bill James ERA):
Adam Wainwright  (121)
Josh Johnson        (3.09 ERA)
Wandy Rodriguez  (100)
Randy Wolf          (100)
Blake Beavan??    (82)

Bullpen (w/ ERA+):
Brian Fuentes (3.23 ERA)
Wilton Lopez (106)
Chad Qualls   (3.86 ERA)
Michael Dunn  (3.60 ERA)

Loss of Haren pushes all starters up a day, and will have to make due with skipping Beavan or filling that slot in free agency after an unfavorable projection. 
Bullpen is solid but unspectacular and could really lose a lock down closer.  As is, we will be working via committee to finish games which is always entertaining. 

Probable Starting Lineup (w/ OPS or Bill James OPS):
C: Jonathon Lucroy   (85)
1B: Joey Votto         (148)
2B: Clint Barmes      (.696 OPS)
SS: JJ Hardy           (104)
3B: Brett Lawrie      (.832 OPS)
LF: Ryan Braun        (135)
CF: Drew Stubbs      (88)
RF: Adam Dunn (103), Brennan Boesch (106), Bobby Abreau (99)

Bench (w/OPS+ / Bill James OPS):
1B: Dunn (103)
2B/3B: Jason Donald (.716 OPS), Casey McGehee (.732 OPS), Brett Lillibridge (79)
SS: Donald, Barmes, Lillibridge
LF/CF/RF: Brennan Boesch (106), Dunn (103), Abreau, Lillibridge (79)

I went into the offseason hoping to transform the roster and move some of my logjam in the corner OF / iF for some other workable parts, but the market thus far has been unkind.  so we still have some of the same deficiencies we had in 2011.  We won't catch the ball extremely well, and we don't run a lot.  With Braun and Votto, we should produce some runs.  Brett Lawrie looks to be able to be a plus bat right away. 

I think this is a solid team which should be in the conversation into the summer, but it is no where near a lock for a playoff spot.  More interesting, many of my key players have contracts expiring in the next few seasons.  Potentially I lose Josh Johnson, Wandy, JJ Hardy, Dunn, and Abreau after this season, and Wolf and Votto after 2013.  Really need to capitalize on this window, as it is closing fairly quickly.