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National League Week 7
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National League Week 7 in Review:  

NL East                          
Philadelphia Phillies     28 16 (6-1) ---
New York Mets          25 20 (3-4) 3.5
Atlanta Braves          21 23 (4-3) 7.0
Washington Nationals 18 27 (2-5) 10.5
Florida Marlins           10 35 (1-6) 18.5

The Phillies have won 17 of their last 19 games, including 6 in a row to end Week 7.  Philadelphia hit 14 homers (2nd NL) and scored 40 runs (2nd NL).  Johnny Damon and Jayson Werth each cracked 3 homeruns for the Phillies.  The Mets slipped three games in the standings with a 3-4 week.  Ace starter Brandon Webb had his second shutout performance of the 2010 season, this one a 4-hit shutout against the Nationals.  Atlanta enjoyed a winning week.  Braves’ outfielder Angel Pagan hit .385/.467/.923 with 2 doubles, 4 homeruns, 5 RBI, and 3 stolen bases in 3 attempts.  The Nationals lost 5 of their 7 games, but ended Week 7 on a high note by finishing a series win over Interleague rival Baltimore.  Despite a losing record, Washington posted the second-best ERA in the National League with a 2.51 mark.  The Marlins’ struggles continued this week, as the team only tallied 16 runs.  Starter Anibal Sanchez was a bright spot in the week, though, as he picked up his first win of the season with a 4-hit, 1-run, 8-inning gem against the Chicago White Sox.
NL Central                          
Milwaukee Brewers 31 13 (6-1) ---
Cincinnati Reds      25 19 (3-4) 6.0
St. Louis Cardinals  24 21 (6-1)7.5
Houston Astros      22 22 (4-3) 9.0
Pittsburgh Pirates   20 24 (2-5) 11.0
Chicago Cubs        18 27 (3-4) 13.5

The Brewers have won 7 of their last 8 games, and had 2-game sweeps against division rivals Cincinnati and Pittsburgh during Week 7.  Ryan Braun went on a tear, hitting .462/.548/1.231 with 6 homers, 12 RBI, and 8 runs scored.  The Reds shook-off a 4-game losing streak and won 3 of 4 to end Week 7.  Catcher Yadier Molina collected 10 hits in 19 at bats, for a .526 batting average.  Saint Louis’ front office was apparently not convinced that its 6-1 record this week was a sign of the team turning things around, and waived the “white flag” with a trade of Rich Harden and Brian McCann to the Texas Rangers.  Harden didn’t let the trade rumors affect him on the mound, as he fired 7 innings of 2-hit ball, while striking out 12 batters.  Houston is at .500 for the season after a 4-3 winning week.  Jake Peavy seems to have acclimated to life with the Astros.  Peavy won both of his starts, including a shutout performance, and allowed just 1 earned run across 16 innings (0.56 ERA).  Pittsburgh dropped 5 of its 7 games.  Shortstop Gordon Beckham posted a 1.007 OPS with 4 doubles, a homer, and 2 stolen bases.  The Cubs picked up a series win at Texas to close out the week, but finished with a 3-4 record overall.  Chicago outfielder Andrew McCutcheon looks like a solid Rookie of the Year contender, and this week hit .467/.500/.933 with 3 doubles, 1 triple, 3 homers and 8 runs scored.
NL West                          
San Francisco Giants  27 16 (4-3) ---
San Diego Padres       25 19 (4-3) 2.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 23 22 (5-2) 5.0
Los Angeles Dodgers   21 23 (4-3) 6.5
Colorado Rockies        20 25 (2-5) 8.0

San Francisco was on the road for all 7 of its games this week, and posted a 4-3 record.  The Giants tied for the second-lowest ERA in the National League at 2.51.  Matt Garza had quality starts in each of his outings, going 1-0, and allowed only 3 earned runs in 14 innings (1.93 ERA).  San Diego kept pace with San Francisco, even though it lost both games in a 2-game series to the Giants to open Week 7.  The Padres’ 1.77 team ERA was the lowest in the National League, and their starting pitchers delivered quality starts in all 7 games.  Max Scherzer had perhaps the most dominant start for San Diego this week, a 3-hit, 1 unearned run, 7-inning outing where he struck out 10 batters.  Arizona has won 7 of its last 10 games.  Jason Bay has been arguably the biggest reason for the Diamondbacks’ early season record.  Bay bashed 6 more homers in Week 7 to bring his season total to 19, which leads the DMBO.  Los Angeles also had a winning week, and swept a 3-game set against Detroit at the end of the week.  Lefty Scott Elbert had 2 quality starts, allowing just 1 earned run in 13 innings (0.69 ERA), and limited hitters to a .455 OPS.  Colorado was the only NL West team to have a losing week.  Rockies starter Jon Garland had a 5-hit shutout against the Cubs.

NL Hitter of the Week: Jason Bay, Arizona Diamondbacks
Bay hit .571 (1st)/.654 (1st)/1.619 (1st) with 6 homers (t-1st), 13 RBI (1st), 9 runs scored (t-1st), a 2.273 OPS! (1st), and 23.1 Runs Created (1st).  Ryan Braun (Brewers) receives an honorable mention.

NL Pitcher of the Week: Jake Peavy, Houston Astros
Peavy was 2-0 with a shutout, struck out 12 batters (t-6th), and logged 16 innings (t-3rd).
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