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American League Week 3
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AL East
Baltimore Orioles      11-8 (2-4)  --- 
Boston Red Sox       9-10 (3-4)  2.0
Tampa Bay Rays      9-10 (4-2) 2.0
New York Yankees   6-12  (1-5) 4.5
Toronto Blue Jays     4-15 (2-4) 7.0

The Orioles had their first losing week of the season with all 4 defeats by 1 run.  Jorge de la Rosa improved to 4-0 on the season with a shutout against the Red Sox.  Boston dropped 2 of 3 to both Baltimore and Texas.  Brian Roberts hit .379/.471/.552 with 4 stolen bases for the week.  The Rays took 2 of 3 from the White Sox and Blue Jays with all 4 victories decided by 1 run.  Rick Porcello pitched a shutout allowing just 2 hits in a 1-0 win.  New York ended their 6 game losing streak by defeating the Angels who has won 8 in a row.  Mike Lowell hit .409/.458/.818 with 5 extra base hits.  Toronto suffered its third consecutive losing week.  Shaun Marcum had 2 quality starts, including a complete game, in picking up the teamís only victories for the week.

AL Central                           
Chicago White Sox  15-4 (4-2) ---
Kansas City Royals  11-7 (4-2)  3.5
Cleveland Indians    8-10 (3-3)  6.5
Detroit Tigers         6-13 (0-7) 9.0
Minnesota Twins    6-13 (3-3)  9.0

Chicago led the AL with a .332/.423./510 batting line for the week.  Mike Napoli hit .364/.481/.864 with 3 home runs and 8 runs scored.  The Royals kept up with the White Sox with a matching 4-2 record.  Carlos Pena slugged .667 with 9 runs batted in for Kansas City.   Cleveland put up a 3-3 record for the second consecutive week.  Mike Fontenot hit .368/.455/.737 for the Indians with 3 doubles and 2 triples. Detroit lost all 7 of their games this week with 4 of them decided by just 1 run.  The Twins continued their trend of having one more victory than the prior week by going 3 and 3.  Daniel Murphy hit .471/.526/.765 with 5 doubles for Minnesota.

AL West                      
Los Angeles Angels   15-5 (6-1) ---
Texas Rangers         11-7 (5-1) 3.0
Oakland Athletics     12-8 (4-2) 3.0
Seattle Mariners      9-10 (3-3) 5.5

The Angels pitchers dominated their opposition allowing only 10 runs (9 earned) leading to a miniscule 1.29 ERA for the week.  Randy Wells threw a 4 hit complete game shut out with 8 Ks in his only outing for the week.  Texas tried to keep up with LAA in the west by ending the week on a 5 game winning streak.  Orlando Hudson (.481/.517/.852) and Seth Smith (.417/.480/.750) both had an excellent week for the Rangers.  Oakland posted their third consecutive winning week.  Clayton Kershaw continued his great start to the season pitching 8 scoreless innings to lower his ERA to 0.86 with just 13 hits allowed in 31.1 innings.  Seattle began the week by sweeping the Orioles but then was swept by the White Sox. 

AL Hitter of the Week:   Orlando Hudson, Texas Rangers

Hudson hit .481(4th)/.517(6th)/.852(4th) with a 1.369 OPS (1st), 11 runs scored (1st), 5 extra base hits (t-1st), and 12.2 runs created (1st).  Kevin Kouzmanoff (Blue Jays) and Mike Napoli (White Sox) receive honorable mentions.

AL Pitcher of the Week:  Cliff Lee, Oakland Athletics

Cliff Lee edges out Shaun Marcum for pitcher of the week.  Lee limited opposing hitters to a .455 OPS with a .59 whip over 17 innings in 2 victories with one being a complete game.