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Week 17 update by Orioles Tracy K
[24 Jul 2021 10:30:20 PM]

Jose Garcia -> Barrero by Marlins John M
[20 Jul 2021 3:04:23 PM]

Week 16 posted by Orioles Tracy K
[17 Jul 2021 8:30:05 PM]

Trading Block

Orioles draft picks by Orioles Tracy K
[23 Jul 2021 2:53:26 PM]

Manny Machado by Brewers Darren G
[16 Jul 2021 2:24:50 PM]

Fire Sale - by Athletics Fred D
[16 Jul 2021 1:29:57 PM]

Nationals 2021 #1 (1.25) for trade by Nationals Bryan B
[16 Jul 2021 11:04:49 AM]

Pirates pick 1.15 by Pirates Larry W
[15 Jul 2021 1:28:29 PM]

Cardinals trade desk by Cardinals Bruce W
[14 Jul 2021 3:38:05 PM]

Angels Block by Angels Patrick H
[13 Jul 2021 10:13:24 AM]

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Draft chat by Pirates Larry W
[23 Jul 2021 10:01:39 AM]

Introducing Total Games Back by Marlins John M
[19 Jul 2021 4:56:24 PM]

2021 DMBO Elo Rankings and Playoff Odds by Cardinals Bruce W
[18 Jul 2021 11:22:10 AM]

Tidbits from the standings report by Cardinals Bruce W
[ 2 Jul 2021 12:06:21 PM]

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League Vision and Values (Updated 1/24/2015)

Our Vision
  • To remain one of the highest-quality baseball simulation projection leagues.
Our Core Values
  • We seek out and retain top-quality participants near the pinnacle among baseball fans in terms of knowledge, talent evaluation skills, and enthusiasm for the game.
  • We seek to maintain a healthy balance between realism and playability, such that participants will not need to spend large amounts of time running a franchise but will still experience challenges as close as reasonably possible to those faced by a real-life MLB General Manager.
  • We value the league community and its culture, which we believe exhibits professionalism, camaraderie, maturity, and shared enjoyment in our hobby.
Our League in 2018
  • We will have a plan to continue the DMBO should DMB cease to provide the software and/or ZiPS projection disk.
  • We will have very high participant retention and very low turnover, to the point where we typically have more qualified applicants than we can admit to the league.
  • We will provide regular DMBO-related content on the league website.
  • We will have operations manuals in place for database management, server management, GM Desk oversight, software version control, and website and forum maintenance, as well as multiple league members being trained to oversee each of these areas.

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Prospect Rankings

MiLB System Rankings
Updated 28 May 2021
New York AL966 10
Houston911 11
San Diego847 10
Colorado764 12
Washington754 10
Texas730 10
Cleveland703 11
Baltimore602 9
Tampa Bay464 6
New York NL440 8
Oakland293 8
Cincinnati291 5
Milwaukee262 3
St Louis257 5
Seattle222 4
Minnesota181 4
Philadelphia174 2
Chicago164 2
Los Angeles NL142 3
Chicago AL139 4
Boston115 3
Toronto109 2
Detroit102 1
Kansas City85 3
Pittsburgh57 3
San Francisco32 1
Arizona12 1
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